TMS Aircons was founded by Mr. Manny De Bruyn in 1999 and until today he is still the proud sole owner of the company, delivering exceptional cost effective services to all our clients for the past 22 years.

Manny being a family man shared his passion and knowledge with his family members and thus we are a proud family business with strong Christian believes and believe that through Christ all things are possible.

Since the nineties TMS Aircons specialized mainly in general Air-conditioning repair work related to warranty claims.

In 2001 there was a noticeable demand in Air-conditioning for residential use and this became the company’s first priority.

With the success the company had with the residential Air-conditioning systems, we decided to expand our focus to corporate and industrial companies, where we not only installed typical Air-conditioning units but designed and installed cooling systems for major companies like Trident Steel, Merensky Timber, Sublime Technologies just to mention a few.

Our company is currently listed with all the major Air-conditioning suppliers / manufacturers as an accredited dealer and installer.

Our company is based in Springs, Gauteng but we deliver our services in all Provinces throughout South Africa. 

Our cost effectiveness, experience, attention to detail and the quality of our workmanship and products is what makes TMS Aircons one of the top Air-conditioning companies in the Country.

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